我们的业务改进系统使我们的客户能够优化MacDermid Enthone的整理系统,以实现无与伦比的结果。乐动app苹果


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Customer Value Six Sigma is a structured methodology for creating, improving, and maintaining business or technical processes focused on delivering increased value to our key customers’ business. It utilizes a robust toolset addressing:

  • Root Cause Analysis
  • 减少可变性
  • 客户分析之声

Our Customer Value Six Sigma process is supported by a focused team of experienced Black Belts and Green Belts who are committed to an integrated partnership approach that addresses business challenges.

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The M-Vision graphical simulation is a state-of-the-art platform for analyzing the potential production performance and quality of electroplating processes. Simulations are carried out using a virtual mock-up of your in-house plating line and detailed layer thickness.

M-vision simulates the electroplating process and provides detailed information on the layer thickness distribution over the various parts on the rack while highlighting potential problem zones.

Alternative part orientations and/or rack configurations can now be calculated in only few mouse clicks. Moreover, additional tooling can be designed and its effect quickly verified.




  • 减少上市时间,您可以在生产之前模拟电镀过程
  • 知识投资有助于建立和保留关键公司知识。
  • 由于提高质量和产量,提高了客户满意度

Download M-Vision factsheet

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TechXpert technical applications experts stand ready to create and increase value for your company.

Driven by Six Sigma, our highly skilled TechXpert engineers are Black Belt trained and provide you with direct access to MacDermid Enthone TechXpert services that Quality Performance Systems processes knowledge, global applications centers, and comprehensive technical training programs that optimize your total process line.

Techxpert是我们的承诺和责任,为各种技术提供最佳的技术应用专业知识。它包括在每个MacDermid Enthone产乐动app苹果品装运和每个电镀浴中。

TechXpert is the intellectual ingredient that ensures your plated part, printed circuit board, or semiconductor wafer meets stringent industry requirements for corrosion resistance, wear protection, appearance and electrical performance. Whatever your specific market application and OEM requirement, TechXpert delivers maximum functionality, style, value and reliability to a diversity of automotive, electronics, building hardware, decorative, energy and other components.

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  • The goal of all these programs are to deliver world-class finishing consistency
  • 设计和内置的设备协同作用使用我们的化学系统
  • 最完整的辅助设备提供可在业内提供
  • All of this is backed with global product research programs and local customer support and service teams


  • Support for REACH compliant transition (evolve & trivalent chromium)
  • Ancillary equipment globally consistent designs & functionality
  • 全新电镀线
  • Plating line modifications

Equipment Fact Sheet

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乐动app苹果MacDermid Engone与Truelogic合作,为客户带来了M-Logic,这使得能够进行电镀操作的总流程监控,因此保持了最高水平的一致性,效率和最佳实践。


Access to such critical information is also available 24/7 with the ‘MacDermid Enthone M-Logic downloadable application’ available on Apple App store or Google Play store, our MacDermid Enthone M-Logic app will turn your mobile or tablet into a real-time monitoring device for your chemical process line. It also allows operations to be monitored remotely and securely, it is the first of its kind that allows real-time data to be accessed anywhere and at any time.



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