2 suspension legs (Phone).jpeg 液压杆和汽缸的Ankor硬铬工艺满足了该市场的需求,该市场由低成本和高耐腐蚀性的驱动。踝涂层高,微裂纹高,在镀膜条件下没有结节。

Pre-plated 6m Hydraulics bars are typically plated in conventional rack lines or in more advanced and compact horizontal continuous plating lines with one or multiple tanks.

Hydraulic Cylinder is typically plated with single or multiple Hard Chromium coatings in vertical hoist lines or horizontally when the length and diameter is bigger. Our processes are suitable for all types of equipment.


  • ANKOR 1127 + - Predictable Adhesion, Best Thickness Distribution, Highest Brightness
  • ANKOR Hydraulics- 生产率,腐蚀性,可持续性

ANKOR 1127 + - Predictable Adhesion, Best Thickness Distribution, Highest Brightness

ANKOR 1127 PLUS special etch-free catalyst system provides predictable adhesion on basically all substrates, even Stainless Steel, Nickel-Alloys and Chrome. The productivity is increased versus competitor processes by a minimum of 5% due to the improved thickness distribution.

The etch-free activation enables nodule-free and pore-free plating of high micro-cracked chrome deposits, which enhance NSS performance. ANKOR 1127 PLUS is mainly used in Automotive, Job Shops, Oil and Gas and General Engineering applications.

ANKOR Hydraulics – Productivity, Corrosion Performance, Sustainability

ANKOR Hydraulics process features meet the demand of the hydraulic industry for low-cost corrosion resistance and high micro-cracked Hard Chromium coatings and sustainability.

The ANKOR Hydraulics process is a minimum of 5% more productive compared to other etch-free organic catalyst systems, increasing the output of horizontal continuous plating machines (single or multi-tank) and conventional hoist lines.

The special ANKOR Hydraulics MS surfactant is an integral part of the technology, minimizing chrome nodules and micropores. It also keeps airborne emission low, helping the user to comply with emission regulations.

Ankor Hydraulics OneLuty综合旨在使用单组分补充产品,包括铬,有机催化剂和雾抑制剂,简化化学品处理并避免给药失效的风险。



  • Meets micro – crack requirement of >400 cracks/cm in as-plated condition
  • 符合NSS要求96 - 240H,评级10(DIN EN ISO 9227)
  • 铬层亮,不含结节和微孔隙率
  • Specified thickness can be achieved in shorter plating time
  • Suitable for continuous plating equipment with single or multiple tank concept
  • Excellent application knowledge by a global hard chrome team
  • Six Sigma Methodologies