Sustainable development

找到更多关于oursustainable excellenceprogram and ourCAREinitiative. Combined they are helping surface finishers throughout the world ensure the long term sustainability of the industry.

Sustainable excellence

Environmental legislation continues to impact directly on the surface finishing industries. Through our sustainable excellence program, MacDermid Enthone are committed to researching and developing the best available technologies to reduce the finishing industries environmental footprint. This will help ensure long term sustainable development. Additionally, the continued awareness所有相关利益相关者的需求,供应商必须有一个可持续的表面处理供应链,满足双方的应用和最终用户的需求。

What is sustainable excellence?


  1. 水的可持续管理
  2. Sustainable business practices
  3. Sustainable production
  4. Reducing energy consumption
  5. 全球伙伴关系

These are all part of the 17 United Nations sustainable development goals.




  1. Long term sustainable development of both equipment and synergistic chemistries which allow processes to be used in a 'zero water loss' environment.
  2. A focus on globally available uniform technology which meets world class performance standards.
  3. Recycling / reclamation所有废金属和消除物质的高度关注。
  4. 降低能源消耗。
  5. Establish regional partnerships to support our global design standards. We have the knowledge to optimize our processes to improve yields and reduce waste. By working with a select network of equipment manufacturers around the world, we can facilitate the design of equipment which delivers sustainable development optimization to our customers.

Our CARE Strategy for sustainable business development

These commitments can be realised by utilizing these best practices, either alone or in combination:

  • C级-包含the process, for example in a zero discharge production environment.
  • A -Avoidcontact by plant operators, using automated dosing by liquid to replace powders being an excellent example.
  • 右-Reclaimmetals such as chromium, copper and nickel.
  • E -消除高度关注的物质。


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